How to proceed with Daily Scrum

Daily Scrum,  a Scrum ceremony which teams hold every day.  Generally, it happens at the same location, same time each day, early in the morning to help team members plan their day’s work. Daily Scrum is time-boxed for 15 mins. To keep the meeting short, there are three things which team members can discuss.


  1. What was completed yesterday
  2. What will be completed today
  3. What are the impediments, if any


In my experience team faces difficulty in completing the ceremony in 15 mins. I will not be the only person who has experienced this by the way. Majority of the time this happens because team digs deeper into problem-solving discussion/implementation discussion during daily scrum time box. As per Scrum guideline, Daily Scrum is not the ceremony to discuss any implementation discussion or problem-solving discussion.


There is an easy way to handle this problem. Set the guideline with the team or have an agreement with the team about not initiating problem-solving discussion or implementation discussion during Daily Scrum Time Box (15 Mins). If there is a need to go over these topics, then discuss it immediately after the time box when each team member has done with the 3 questions. This will also help to communicate the message across team members that if you are not required of the discussion post 15 Mins time box, there is no mandate for you to stay and listen.