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Avinash Tripathi (a.k.a Nash) has been working with multiple organizations and agile communities to understand as well as expand the value of Agile. His long running endeavor has been to learn how to harness the maximum benefits from Agile values and principles.

Nash’s passion is to learn from others and at same time share his experience and knowledge. He aspires to create a community where feedback is the way to improve and learn. He believes, “Nobody is perfect. In fact, perfection shouldn’t be our goal at all. We all should welcome feedbacks and constructive criticism to be an ever improving traveler of this beautiful journey called life. Perfection is a myth, improvement is real” He has served the agile teams in various capacity including Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Team Member.


Nisha Kaushik is an active member of Agileitis community. She is very passionate about transforming teams to the level they can manage themselves. We the people of Agileitis have named Nisha as Transformational Leader, not because she can transform teams. in fact, because her transformational skills, passion, humane language to connect with people is contagious. She often, in fact, more than often, displays the characteristics which relate to social and leadership aspects of her personality. She has an anxiety for productivity which can be seen in group settings. Her abilities to creative expression and emotional responsiveness, a strong sense of direction and ability to put large amounts of productive work into small tasks for quick delivery has been very helpful for teams by far. On a personal front, she is a mother of one handsome boy.