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We learn most not just by interacting with instructors but also with our peers, by assessing what we know, by adding on top of what we already know and using the newly gained knowledge to identify our next steps. Learning is a journey that involves everyone in the classroom. We are committed to provide learners the support and resources they need to succeed as part of our commitment to the learning community.

Actionable Training

Actionable learning draws upon, and elaborates, all of the dimensions of learning and, in doing so, develops a person’s capacity to learn how to feel, think, do and learn.

Interesting Activities

Trainings are filled with number of activities to explain the concept in easiest way possible

Support Post Training

Training class is a one time event, learning does not have to be. We do not abandon our learners and their learning. Our training comes with ongoing support and community access

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Learn what it takes to be ready to lead transformation and learning. We are part of the community of amazing professionals, experts, and learners

Nisha Kaushik — Founder & CEO.

it is critical to showcase your skills and experience be it on paper on in person. Build the skills which is relevant for you to be successful in you career and support you to be YOU.

Choosing a path is more important than choosing a right path. We understand the confusion though. Thats why we have build tools to support you with your decisions

Our trainers have spend decades doing the work. They use their experience and real world examples in training.

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What Our Students Have to Say

I recently attended a two day Training from the Back of the Room course that Nash lead in D.C. and he was a great teacher! The two days were informative and educational at the same time. You could tell that a lot of time and effort went into the planning of the class. His time management was excellent. I would recommend anyone looking for TBR training to seek out one of his classes.
Brian Milner
From Allen, TX USA
Avinash’s presentation of Training from the BACK of the Room (abbreviated as TBR) kept me and the other students on the edge of our seats because we were so engaged in the content and in working with each other. By the end of the class, when I picked a topic and designed training to support the objectives, selecting the techniques I wanted to use was not just easy but obvious. I made great contacts from the other students in the room, learned a lot and am happy with what I have retained of the training since. I recommend Avinash as a trainer for his ability to create an engaging, welcoming learning environment, and positive relationships among the class members.
Kathy Bine
From Virginia, USA
Avinash conducted multiple workshops for our Agile Professionals User Group in Northern Virginia, achieving top feedback ratings from our audiences. In these activities, he has demonstrated diligent preparation, a brain-science-based approach to learning, and a powerful command over workshop participants. His mindset is contagious and he has the unique talent of inspiring curiosity, compassion, and problem-solving in others. Coupled with his dedication to volunteering in the agile community, I can honestly say I am a better overall human being for having gotten to known and learn from his example.
Matias Nino
From Virginia, USA
Nash was featured at the PMI Reston Luncheon to present, “Lead The Change With Values NOT Feelings”. He is an inspirational speaker that captivated the Reston attendees within seconds. Nash’s expert knowledge in Agile transformation for companies was quickly revealed at all levels of discussion. Within an hour, he was able to transform everyone’s understanding of one word, “Value”.
Jamey Lees
From Virginia, USA