Red Queen Effect and Business Agility

Red Queen Effect/Hypothesis : The Red Queen Hypothesis states that species continually need to change to keep up with the competition. If a species would stop changing, it would lose the competition with the other species that do continue to change. If you take for example the relationship between a parasite and its host. Both […]

How to find a good mentor?

Working with a mentor is one of a great way to success and working as a mentor is one of the biggest ways to keep your skills honed. I have been both, A Mentee and also a Mentor. With that, I can tell you that there are right ways to approach someone to be your […]

The Story of three As; Adopt, Adapt and Adept

How many of you have heard the moto, “Adopt, Adapt and become Adept”? Long back Japanese chose this slogan: Adopt, Adapt and become Adept. The idea behind the slogan perhaps was to send their engineer to other countries and have them learn the industry standards and find out who excels in which area. When these […]

Power of Storytelling

Stories allow a person to feel and see the information as well as factually understand it. Because you ‘hear’ the information factually, visually and emotionally, it is more likely to be imprinted on your brain in a way that it sticks with you longer, with very little effort on your part. The learning derived from […]