Volunteering – One of the many ways to connect with the community

There are so many ways by which you can connect with the community. Volunteering is one of them. In 2017, I was lucky to volunteer in two of the most prestigious agile conferences.

Agile 2017 | Agile Alliance and AgileDC

I have written my experience which you can find on LinkedIn.



The feeling of being busy and happy at the same time

There comes a time in your life when you feel overwhelmed with so many things and at the same time you feel happy because you love what you are doing. I experienced this recently in September 2017.

September 2017 was a month in my life to which I can look back say, “Quite busy but rewarding month”.  I had three speaking sessions in that month.

On September 12th, I joined 2017 PM Symposium hosted by PMIWDC Chapter.


The audience showed a lot of interest in the topic. We had around 100 people joined the session. The feedback received post the session was positive too. Below is the snap of the feedback.

On September 18th, I was again at DC Scrum User Group. This time not as a participant, but as a speaker. It’s always a pleasure to present a topic in front of an exquisite audience. I had an amazing time with the participants and the organizers.


A Conversation w/ Mike Vizdos, Christopher Avery, Woody Zuill and Tricia Broderick

At Agile2017, Agile Alliance annual conference, I had the opportunity to talk to Michael (Mike) Vizdos. Mike, an incredible personality, entrepreneur, innovator, Scrum Master in residence at VCU ( Virginia Commonwealth University). He is the creator of website ImplementingScrum.com, which is the home of cartoons ‘Chicken and Pigs’ in Scrum.

Mike contributes his time to the Agile community by mentoring, providing consulting and training to help team and organizations Focus and #Deliver. Mike delivers his mentoring services through AgileMentoring.com with Ron Jeffries.

View the video here: A Conversation W/ Michael Vizdos


Woody Zuill, an electric personality, is passionate about work with teams and help them find ways to improve thier abilities and skills by paying attention and by taking several tiny steps in the direction of progress. He has been programming for 35+ years and with the help of his team at Hunter Industries, developed Mob Programming. During our conversation at Agile2017, Orlando,  we also talked about #NoEstimates. I hope you will enjoy the conversation with Woody Zuill.

View the video here: A Conversation w/ Woody Zuill


“The Responsibility Process” – It only works when self-applied. Please meet Christopher Avery, the Responsibility Process Guy. An eye-opening conversation with Christopher on 4 characteristics of good goals and responsibility process. The 4 characteristics of good goals—clarify intention, focus attention, remove obligation, generate energy— come from a rigorous application of The Responsibility Process to goal-setting.

View the video here: A Conversation W/ Christopher Avery


Have you ever met someone who can manage things perfectly without showing any sign of exhaustion? Well, meet Tricia Broderick, Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Mentee, Mentor and also Conference Chair Agile2017. Her energy and enthusiasm are so visible and it gets transferred to the folks she meets and talks. I happen to be one of the lucky people who were able to catch her from her busy schedule to talk about #purplepride.